My lovey dovey Beb,


HAPPY4TH MONTHSARY!!!                 

For every day I miss you, For every hour I need you, For every minute I think about you, For every second I want you. I will Forever I love you.

Every day is a wonderful day, because you’re in my life. . Even days spent away from your are also cherished, because we always keep in touch, I think its such a rare occurrence wherein there is an hour where we don’t communicate with each other. In fact when this happens, we get so worried about each other, wondering what happened for the other not to reply (well thats what I feel). Hihihi… so happy being with you Beb.

I know that there would be times wherein I would fall short of your expectations (I’m only human), but I promise to do my best. I promise to shower you so much love that you would be drowning in it (well in a good way). I promise that I would never get tired of loving you . I promise to be there for you all the time, though there are times I may not be there physically, I will be there mentally and emotionally .

I’m happy with what’s happening to us right now… Less fights, More Love… Thanks for understanding me and loving me Beb! I hope you’ll continue doing this, and of course I’ll also do my best to make you happy and love you more… Thanks alot! and also Thanks for accepting me of who I am…

And now, with 4 months together,
We’ll just keep on counting ’till we reach Forever.
Iloveyou!!! and I will never get tire of it. We will be together forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever


4 thoughts on “My lovey dovey Beb,

  1. wow tnx beb im so lucky to have u ryt now,tnx for the lov,for your suport to our reltionship,understnding each other,one thing only that i promice to you..i loving you for ever nd ever with faith and honesty,i doing my part being your husband..tnx lot beb,the weddings hope comes more faster,i cant wait on that moment…lov you

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